Current Issues

The FCCA monitors and acts on a range of neighborhood issues by working independently, with our Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC3D), and with nearby community associations. Given our location just a mile from Georgetown and two miles from downtown Washington, development and growth is always an issue and mitigating its sometimes negative impacts is a constant focus. We track a wide range of issues, both major and minor, that affect the neighborhood. Issues range from historic preservation, pets, and potholes to operation and expansion of the seven private schools in our area. We remain active in reducing the affects of traffic through the area. We bring items of concern to the attention of residents, assess community opinion, and then act on behalf of the community. Below are items of current concern and action.

We can only be as effective and active as our volunteers. Most Board members have active professional lives and limited time to work on these issues of vital concern to our neighborhood. Numbers count at public meetings and hearings. If you are interested in one of these issues, please contact us to express your interest. The person leading the effort will notify you of upcoming meetings and needs for additional help.