The first meeting of the MWAA Community Roundtable was held with representatives from around the region including Andrea Ramirez representing DC Ward 3 last month. While it was only the organizational meeting approving members and charter, Andrea has requested and tentatively been granted time to present the concerns of the FCCA at the next meeting in April, with adjustment of the north-bound departures given top priority. While this priority is encouraging, change is unlikely to happen quickly even if the Roundtable votes in agreement (which is not guaranteed given representation from VA) and the FAA estimated 6-12 months to implement any changes. The Overland Landings issue was given lower priority, therefore Andrea requested a subcommittee forum with FAA to hear their update on routing planes over the river even in poor weather.

It is extremely important that all Foxhall residents continue to log complaints through 2016. In a similar situation, communities in California logged over 50,000 complaints. Please encourage as many individuals to log as many complaints as possible – about anything.

To log a complaint:

  • Go to Web Trak 5
  • Click Investigate in the top menu
  • Click How
  • Scroll down to Make a General Complaint
  • Click Show Complaint Form

Alternatively, if you find the complaint form too cumbersome, you can email Mike Jeck at the Noise Information Office or call him at 703-417-1204. NIO needs to hear the message that #1 the situation has worsened and #2 it is interfering with your daily life.

Regarding pending litigation, FCCA joined the Palisades, Hillandale, Georgetown, Colony Hill, Foggy Bottom, and Burleith communities as well as Georgetown University in filing a petition in DC Superior Court seeking to block the new routing under a tight statute of limitations deadline in August 2015. Unfortunately, at that time the elected DC Attorney General Karl Racine declined to take up the case on behalf of the communities as other cities have done, believing the FAA followed all requirements in a 2013 Environmental Assessment. Our councilmember, Mary Cheh and her office again requested the DC Attorney General take this case last week, but again they declined, despite much research showing multiple ways the FAA did not comply with the law. I have requested an in-person meeting with the Attorney General to further make our case.

The communities are soliciting additional funds to support the cause. You can make a tax-deductible donation by sending a check payable to Aircraft Noise Fund to following address:

Aircraft Noise Fund
P.O. Box 40603
Washington, D.C. 20016

Please indicate you are pledging support on behalf of the FCCA and notify Andrea so she can account for FCCA.

If you are interested in receiving updates or getting involved with this issue please join the neighborhood listserv dedicated to the topic of aircraft noise from Reagan National Airport (DCA). To subscribe, email with the word SUBSCRIBE in the Subject line. You will be sent a link to follow to confirm your request to join.