Georgetown University

Implementation of Georgetown University’s Interim Campus Plan

In May 2012, the FCCA successfully negotiated a settlement with Georgetown University on the 10-year Campus Plan. The key elements of the plan are:

  • Formation of a new collegial partnership of senior GU leadership and community representatives – the Georgetown Community Partnership
    – to work toward making the Campus Plan a success and to work together
    on planning for the future.
    Community members would include representatives from community organizations in Georgetown, Burleith, Foxhall, as well as ANC2E and ANC3D.
  • 450 more undergraduates will be housed on campus at the Leavey Center and other on campus locations by Fall 2015.
  • Undergraduate enrollment will remain at a maximum of 6,675 and total enrollment at the main campus over
    the Campus Plan period to be a maximum of 14,106 students.
  • New emphasis on a living and learning campus that centralizes student social life on campus maintaining the peaceful, quiet atmosphere of our residential neighborhoods.
  • A new commitment to explore providing University-sponsored graduate student housing outside the Georgetown, Burleith, and Foxhall (all of FCCA area, not just Foxhall Village) communities.
  • Acknowledgement of long-term goals of the community and GU for the future, including a new satellite campus for Continuing Education Students of up to 100 acres located elsewhere; cooperating in developing and implementing a 20 year campus plan following the success of the 2011-2017 plan; and the mutual goal of “a collegial and harmonious relationship between the University and the community to address future plans and common issues in an effective, creative and lasting way.”

Members of the FCCA are working with neighbors in Burleith and Georgetown along with Georgetown University through an organization named the Georgetown Community Partnership (GCP) to implement the 2010 to 2017 Georgetown University campus plan, and to provide input into Georgetown University master planning efforts. See the GCP website for more information.