Neighborhood Links

City Links

Help Yourself

  • 311 – Get help now at DC’s 311. You can also donwload the app and have it handy to report your wishes while on the go
  • Paving initiatives and issues – Get a sense of where we will be by 2024.
  • Damage to your auto from potholes or poor road conditions? – You can file a claim form within six months of the incident that caused the damage.
  • Report Double Poles – Check on, and report Double Poles that are not already on the PEPCO list of poles to be removed.

Enlist Your Representatives

Neighboring Citizens Associations

Transportation, Tourism, Activities

Independent Schools

Local Businesses

  • Jetties
  • Happy Nail
  • Georgetown Valet
  • Georgetown Dental

Urgent Needs

  • City-Wide Call Center For free bulk trash pickups, to report dumping in alleys, rat problems, and other non-emergency issues, call 311, or use your iPhone or Android 311 app
  • Police and Fire Call 911
  • PEPCO Power Outages Call 877-737-2662 or use the iPhone or Android Pepco app
  • Street Lights Out Call 202-269-0855 or use the iPhone or Android 311 app
  • Washington Gas Call 202-624-6049
  • Abuse of Hardy Field Use of the field by any group of 18 or more requires a permit. Any misuse of the field should be reported immediately to the Urban Rangers at 311

Get in Touch

  • Officer Anthony (Tony) McElwee ( Officer McElwee is our local go-to police representative. Currently responsible for PSA 205 and serving the Second District as a whole, Tony is out on our streets every day helping to make our neighborhood safe. He is a regular at our open FCCA meetings, and also always offers that people can come on a ride-along with him — why not reach out to him for a four-hour firsthand look into what happens in and around the FCCA boundaries.
  • Brian Doyle ( Brian serves as Co-Chair, Wilson Feeder Education Network (W3EdNet). He has spoken at our FCCA open meeting and has offered to collaborate on the topic of DC public schools. W3EdNet is made up of Parent-Teacher Organizations, Local School Advisory Teams, school staff, and other interested community members from schools in the Wilson High School feeder patterns. The W3EdNet seeks to build ties among their school communities, share information among school leaders, and promote a better public school system for all Washingtonians.
  • Michael Papa ( Michael is a direct contact at National Park Service (NPS) whom we can contact to report issues similar to what we can report via 311, but where the issue is on NPS-managed land rather than land managed by DC. You can also ring NPS at 202-895-6069.
  • Jessica Wertheim ( Jessica is our Ward 3 Liaison from the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services, and is here to help should you require any assistance communicating or collaborating with the DC government.