FCCA Achievements

The FCCA monitors and acts on a range of neighborhood issues by working independently and with our Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC3D) and sister community associations. Given our location just a mile from Georgetown and two miles from downtown Washington, amid no less than seven private schools and universities, development is always an issue and mitigating its sometimes negative impacts is a constant focus.

The FCCA tracks a wide range of issues that affect the neighborhood — from historic preservation and pets and potholes to private schools and pollution. We remain active in reducing the affects of traffic through the area. We bring items of concern to the attention of residents, assess community opinion, and then act on behalf of the community.

  • We negotiated with Georgetown University to withdraw the proposed Loop Road adjacent to Glover-Archbold Park
  • We worked with Foxhall Village residents and the District of Columbia to create the Foxhall Village Historic District.
  • We have successfully pushed for appropriate modifications to numerous development schemes.
  • We monitor the growth of nearby schools and universities that directly impact parking and conversion of family homes to student rentals.
  • We worked with DC Department of Parks & Recreation to restore the Hardy Field and we monitor its use.
  • We successfully negotiated with a developer to build townhomes instead of 21 apartments at the corner of Foxhall between Greenwich Parkway and Reservoir Road (the site of the old St. Patrick’s Church). Read more about this successful effort.
  • We saved the Hardy School building (now on long-term lease to the Lab School) from being converted to a Georgetown University dormitory.
  • We prevented construction of a bridge across the Potomac at Three Sisters and an associated freeway through Glover-Archbold Park.