FCCA Board Members

The elected Board consists of seven to nineteen volunteers who decide amongst themselves who will serve as President. Elections are held each year at the November General Meeting. See the By-Laws for more details on how we operate. Many Board members cover specific areas in which they have an interest. Anyone is welcome to volunteer for the Board at any time during the year as an at-large member, or to work on an area of personal interest — just contact the Board to be informed of the next Board meeting, which is usually at 7PM on the fourth Tuesday of each month.


Bob Avery, President and Police & Georgetown University Liaison 202-338-3834

John Bray, Secretary 202-337-4115

Andy Reuter, Treasurer 202-847-3861


Conrad DeWitte, At Large 202-780-6591

Paul DonVito, Historic Preservation & Listserve Liaison

Tracy Gabriel, Open Spaces & School Liaison

Ann Haas, At Large

Jessie Kane, Membership

Peter Kimball, Vice President 202-321-1234

Jeff Koch, At Large 202-841-3202

Caitlin Mackenzie, Young Families Liaison 202-333-3126

Sara Paulson, Aging-in-Place & Palisades Village Liaison 202-333-0797

Andrea Ramirez, Airplane Noice Liason 919-667-4491

Frank Staroba, Friends of Hardy Liason 202-342-1130

Peter Van Allen, Colony Hill Liaison

Karen Volker, German Embassy Liaison


Brittany Aguilar, Administrator

ANC 3D09 Reps

Conrad DeWitte, 202-780-6591

ANC 3D06 Rep

Stephen Gardner