The fccalistserve is a yahoo group that serves as a community bulletin board for residents of the Foxhall area represented by the Foxhall Community Citizens Association. It exists to facilitate communication about events and items of interest to the residents and businesses of the FCCA community. We prefer postings that directly concern life within the FCCA boundaries, but certain broader, citywide issues are also appropriate. We do not tolerate spam of any kind. Postings by residents such as “house for rent” or “car for sale” are permitted, but commercial postings (including political ads) are not. Local businesses are welcome to join and to post items of interest, for example, regarding change of hours, location, construction, and parking issues, but should avoid explicit advertising.

All communication should be polite and respectful in tone and content. When making a request to join, include your FULL NAME and ADDRESS in the comment box. This information will not show up on individual listserve postings.

Click here for instructions on how to join and post messages.

Welcome to the fccalistserve!